GREEN+ is anchored by state-of-the-art satellites, processed data, AI technology and integrated tools to protect and increase forests by 30% by 2030.

Democratizing access to global citizenship to stop the loss of all subnational protected areas on the planet.

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Deforestation rates in recent decades have been alarming, it was believed that protected areas were better taken care of and the figures have shown the opposite and to a greater extent for subnational areas.



A new standard focused on carbon stock and transparency on a pilot of ten subnational protected areas around the world with a focus on conservation and decarbonization will guarantee genuine economic resources.



Subnational government: California has been a leader in carbon regulation. But the state is losing much of its forests to wildfires and rising global temperatures. Integrating it with the Program's pilots will amplify its leadership beyond its borders.


Democratizing access to information for global citizens about the loss of subnational protected areas on the planet in partnership with OroraTech.

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